How To: Business Email Format and Etiquette

Why Use Email?

This is a technological world. There are nearly 3 billion internet users in the world. Email has greatly surpassed the popularity of the written letter. Learn proper business email etiquette with this easy how to!

Steps To An Effective Business Email:

1. Remember, emails are significantly less formal than a written letter.

2. Decide on the greeting. If you don’t know the person well, a simple “Hello” should suffice.

3. Do not use abbreviated word forms. e.g. “He Is” not He’s

4. Give the person an alternative way to contact you, such as a your work or cell phone number.

5. As part of good email etiquette, quote the part of the email you are responding to and delete the rest.

6. Don’t think that because an email is easy, that you should just quickly send one without thinking about it.

 Business Email Etiquette

Style of email is very important. The human eye reacts differently to a computer screen. Make your email short and to the point, your goal is to include only the important information.

Always include a greeting and a signature. Use as many line breaks as possible to keep the email easy to read.

The tone of the email is also very important. Even though you can be incredibly informal through email, it doesn’t mean that you should be! Know who you are emailing and keep the tone appropriate.

Ensure that your business email has been double checked for grammar. Nothing looks more unprofessional than improper grammar. Reread emails to make sure all repetition is removed.

In order to receive a relevant response, make sure what you are asking for or expecting can be clearly understood. This also includes remembering your manners. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


Visual Aids

Let’s close this out with some examples to help you execute your own business emails.

email 3






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